Giovanna Montenegro

PhD Comparative Literature, UC Davis September 2013

Associate Instructor. Comparative Literature.

Freelance Translator/ Editor

I am a Ph. D Candidate in Comparative Literature at the University of California, Davis and will be graduating Summer 2013.  I received an MA in Comparative Literature at San Francisco State University. I graduated with a BFA in Photography at the San Francisco Art Institute. I am a member of the Modern Language Association (MLA)'s Delegate Assembly.

 This is a short summary of my qualifications:

• 8+ years programming experience addressing undergraduate and graduate students.
• Editing, Translating, and Interpreting experience.
• Significant Editorial and Publishing Experience at Academic and Non-Academic Publications.
• Mentored and advised high school and undergraduate students on educational opportunities in the United States and abroad. Experience working with parents, faculty members, administrators.
• Managed office and education budgets.
• Experience interacting with academic professionals and government authorities at the local, national, governmental levels.
• Talent for arranging/organizing regional, national, and international interdisciplinary cooperation.
• Significant International Experience in Europe, Eurasia, and Latin America.
• Multilingual skills.

About Giovanna