Sample Student Podcasts- COLI 481

Click on the link below to hear a sample podcast from students in the Fall 2018 Methods and Masterpieces Tutorial.

Caribbean Philosophy and Politics . Adama Sakho, Anna Simek and John Santare interview Gabriella Veronelli (Visiting Researcher at Binghamton University’s Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies Program) as well as Janet and Tony Persaud, from Guyana, living in Johnson City, NY. The theme is the topic of transculturation as shown in the work of Caribbean writers (Fernando Ortiz’s Cuban Counterpoint: Tobacco and Sugar, Roberto Fernández Retamar’s Caliban and Patrick Chamoiseau’s Solibo Magnificent) . Janet and Tony Persaud explain how transculturation extends to cooking practices all over the Caribbean.
Women in Slavery in The US:
Community Partners Interviewed: Gerald Smith, from the Broome County Historical Society. Paul Stewart who works with the Underground Railroad History Project Of The Capital Region, Inc. in Albany.
Students: Ndidi Ezeilo, Katherine Fucigna, Victoria Roselli
This podcast focuses on women in slavery in the US and the lack of their literary and historical representation  in both the American school system and the sociopolitical sphere. We discuss Toni Morison’s Beloved and the historical importance of such a comprehensive and jarring description of African-American women’s lives during the time of slavery and how that affects the way we approach women’s rights today, especially for women of color. We also discuss the presence of slavery in Binghamton and its surrounding areas, consulting two local historians, Gerald Smith and Paul Stewart.
Francophonie: Literature and Culture in the French Caribbean. 
Students:  Geraldine Diaz, Rebecca Pasternak, Daiki Yoshioka
In this podcast we discussed works from French Caribbean authors for example Aimé Césaire and his theory of Negritude. Patrick Chamoiseau, and Myriam Warner-Vieyra were authors coming out of Guadeloupe and Martinique ( we focused our research here along with Haiti). We decided to choose these specific countries/territories because of their relations with France and to speak about the effects of colonization surrounding these areas. Similarly you can look at the United States and Puerto Rico to get an idea of how the relations were between overseas departments of France to the metropole. We interviewed Professor Robyn Cope, who researches French Caribbean Literature at Binghamton University and Lentz Jackson Jean, owner of Sycomore Haitian Restaurant.